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The sponsorship generated from the raft race isn’t just the only way local community groups and charities can benefit. Our fete which runs in the Lake Grounds provides a great opportunity for groups to raise their own funds from a stall on the day.


Between our first raft race in 2009 to 2013 we raised £33,240. Given the success achieved, we were able to purchase a Hog Roast machine and since 2014 this has allowed local community groups to raise further funds throughout the year at their own fund raising events. Please go to our Hog Roast page for further details!


Beyond 2014, we now record the details of sponsorship on rafts, fundraising achieved from stalls and those funds raised from community use of the Hog Roast so you can see what’s been raised. Our lovely graphic below shows this!

Since we began the Portishead Raft Race in 2009 our dedicated team of volunteer organisers and the local community have helped to raise over a massive £80,000 for local community groups and charity.  This has been made possible with thanks to the raft teams entered over the years and the sponsorship they have raised, the wide range of stalls at our fete and donations from the public.


A special mention goes to our main sponsor whose generosity makes putting on the raft race possible. The sponsorship we receive helps us to cover the majority of costs we incur in putting on the event and allows the money raised on the day to go straight back to local community groups and charity.


As well as supporting local community groups, we’re proud that the money raised by us has supported a number of vital local projects such as the installation of defibrillators by Portishead Lions and the new state-of-the-art Portishead Lifeboat Station which was handed over to the RNLI in 2015. We’ve even contributed towards the Portishead Christmas Lights which light up our high street each December and are a firm family favourite.


If your local charity or community group would like to request our support please get in touch using our contact page or email [email protected]


Alternatively, if you would like to donate towards our funds then please take a look at our sponsorship page as we’d love to hear from you!

How do we raise our funds?

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